On paper, it all looks so easy:

You've got a strong message...

You know who your target audience is...

If they heard you, you know they’d be interested…

Yet you can’t quite get the “airtime” your message deserves.

In today's busy, non-stop business world, you need to use every trick in the book to get that audience.  That's where Earful and the power of Podcasting comes in.

Earful pulls upon the experience of our sister company Eyeful Presentations to engage business audiences in the world in a completely different way.

It's about taking your message and making it work harder.  It may start off life as an Elevator Pitch, a PowerPoint deck or Press Release...it doesn't really matter.

We'll grab hold of it, understand it, challenge it and then bring it to life through beautifully produced Podcasts, multimedia presentations and web content.

The end result?  Your audience engaged with your message in a way your competition hadn’t quite considered.  We think that’s rather powerful.


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Tel: 0845 056 8528. International: +44 1455 826 393. Twitter: @earfulprod.
e-mail: info@earfulproductions.co.uk.


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PowerPoint Audio
It's about making PowerPoint work harder for you. Why leave your slides gathering dust on your hard drive when, with a bit of thought and fancy footwork from Earful, you could have them running as mini voiced-over movies on your website, intranet or LinkedIn page?. More

Audio Testimonials
Give your customers a voice! Pepper your website and blog with audio testimonials that really grab prospects' attention and bring your success stories to life. More

Podcast Production
Ready to move from tinny "home made" communication to beautifully produced Podcasts created in our state of the art studio? Our team of business audio experts are on hand to bring the quality that your audience deserves. More

April 2012
CRM Podcasts are dynamic enough for Microsoft!
Eyeful Presentations recent move to Microsoft Dynamic CRM proved so popular with the team there, that they asked Earful to create some testimonial podcasts singing the praises of the good people at The CRM Business who set the whole thing up…. More
April 2012
On Hold News
Yep, it might feel wrong, but it sure sounds right. As Earful have been tasked with a mission (not) impossible, to make Eyeful Presentations ‘On Hold’ messaging – interesting! .…. . More
September 2010
Turn it up to 11
Earful is about giving your business a voice. We’ll do that through a series of focussed Podcasts, by giving your customers a voice through audio testimonials or bringing your PowerPoint presentations to life. More
September 2010
New website launched
A short burst of fanfare (available from our business audio library, obviously) announced the launch of our new, much tidier website. We're still in the process of settling in so please be patient if you can't find absolutely everything.
Better still, get in touch and let's have a chat. More
August 2010
Earful order book fatter than ever
Business Podcasting seems to be taking off! Despite a distinct lack of promotion (to the point of having no website!), Earful's team have been busy taking orders and delivering on a variety of new projects across a wide range of business sectors. All terribly exciting.
New Audio Testimonials in the Pipeline
We're in the thick of developing audio testimonials for the fine folk at Sales Engine. We'll be interviewing the great and good from companies like Kuehne + Nagel, Abbott Nutrition and Utility Masters. Watch this space.
We're on Twitter!
Our expertise in Podcasting and converting PowerPoint into social media friendly formats meant that we were always going to eventually embrace Twitter.  Which is exactly what we’ve done right here . More

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